Pocoyo premieres on Disney +

Pocoyo is one of the latest stars to join the program list of the Disney + channel. The four seasons of the series are already being  broadcast in England, Spain and Portugal. Other territories such as France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland have also released the first three seasons, and in the coming months this content will be available in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland or Sweden.

The character joins the Disney+ catalog, which continues to grow with its commitment to movies, series, documentaries and specials.

Without a doubt, this is a milestone for the growth of Pocoyo in Europe, where it was already present through open channels such as Clan in Spain, Panda TV in Portugal or RAI Yoyo in Italy and on other VOD platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or HBO MAX.

Zinkia, producer of the series, is already immersed in the production of the fifth season of the series, as well as various special content, which will be released in the coming months.


Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, new licensee of Pocoyo

Zinkia has started 2023 in the best possible way, expanding its long list of licensees. The latest agreement has been signed with Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, by which it becomes a licensing partner of the brand for editorial products in Spain, Portugal, the United States and various Latin American territories such as Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and Chile.

This alliance contemplates an editorial plan for the production and distribution of a new collection of Pocoyo publications under the Beascoa label, including first readings, illustrated stories, activity and coloring notebooks, books to learn English, etc. The first two books are already on sale, two stories with which to learn to read “A story for each vowel”: a, e, i, o, u (Leo with Pocoyo 1) and “A story for each consonant”: p, l, m, s, t, d, n, f, r/rr, h (Leo with Pocoyo 2).

“We are very proud of this agreement with Zinkia. All children and adults know who Pocoyo is. We are talking about a character who, in addition to being very entertaining, has the goal of teaching the little ones in the house”, highlights Alex Fernández, Literary Director of Beascoa, the Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial label.

For his part, Victor M. López, Managing Director of Zinkia, assures that “books are the best extension of children’s content and even more so if it is preschool. For this reason, we must turn them into one more element of the game and encourage parents to share readings with their children as an essential part of their development. Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial offers us a very ambitious editorial plan and a presence in Pocoyo’s most important markets, such as the USA, Spain and Latin America”, he concludes.

In addition to Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, there are Pocoyo licensees from large companies such as Bandai, Comansi or Clementoni in Spain; Brinquedos Cardoso and Grendene in Brazil; DanDee, Chenson and Indelpa in Mexico; Anthaix, Missi and Go to Market in Peru or Unitoys in Colombia. It also has agreements with agents such as Rainbow in Italy, Rights & Brands in China and Korea, La Panadería in Mexico, IMC in Argentina, AMV in Peru, Lotus Global Marketing in Brazil or Mon Licensing for Central America.

Pocoyo, which is now celebrating its 20th anniversary, has established itself as one of the children’s brands with the greatest worldwide projection. Present on five continents through free-to-air television channels, cable television, VOD platforms and its OTT in the United States, it is also one of the most prominent children’s contents on YouTube with more than 37 million subscribers and 6.5 billion views in the last year.

Pocoyo, protagonist of Christmas

Once again, Pocoyo has become one of the great ambassadors of the Christmas holidays. Hand in hand with RTVE, he has not missed his usual appointment with the Three Kings Parade in Madrid (Spain), on January 5 to welcome the arrival of the Three Wise Men.

Along with other emblematic characters from the Clan universe, Pocoyo has been one of the great attractions of this year’s RTVE float, with peace as a backdrop and as a universal symbol of union between peoples. A message of peace in times of war, especially in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

Star of the Madrid Wax Museum

Magic and illusion also arrived at the Wax Museum in Madrid last Christmas. On January 2, 3 and 4, Pocoyo delighted the little ones in the “Imagine Room”, dedicated to children, which welcomes the new stars of the Museum: the figures of Pocoyo, Pato and Elly. Those who visited the museum during these dates were able to meet Pocoyo “in person”, which has already become one of the main attractions for children who visit the Museum.

Zinkia wishes you Happy Holidays and a prosperous new year 2023!

There are only a few days left to end the year and it is difficult, in just a few lines, to summarize 2022 at Zinkia without forgetting anything. The start of the celebration of Pocoyo’s 20th anniversary has made 2022 special and we hope that 2023 will be even better. They have been months dedicated to the creation of new content with an eye toward the beginning of the fifth season. It will include important news and new characters and its production will begin in 2023.

And within the framework of our anniversary, one of the first actions has been the incorporation of the figures of Pocoyo, Elly and Pato as new stars of the Madrid Wax Museum. To accommodate Pocoyo and his inseparable companions, the Museum has designed the new “Imagine Room”, which will be dedicated to children.

2022 has also been the first year of the great family that we have formed after integrating the production company KOYI, advancing in the development of the new properties that make up our catalog. This is the case of ‘Yanco, Dina and the Dinosaurs’, Zinkia’s first original project in the past 15 years. This production is joined by ‘Bumpy’, a series made in the traditional animation style and which is also scheduled to begin production in 2023; along with the productions ‘Ghost Bros’, which we will present in the next edition of Kidscreen, and ‘Bugsted’.

Pocoyo is on more and more screens

And all this is happening while Pocoyo continues its success and expansion through free-to-air television channels, cable television, VOD platforms and its OTT in the United States. Growth is reinforced by the signing of large alliances with HBO Max and Cartoon Network, Disney+ and  Netflix, among many others. And with the incorporation of new platforms such as Tivify or Future Today, a family content distribution company that operates with the main streaming platforms, such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV.

In parallel, Pocoyo remains one of the great references for children’s content on YouTube, where it has more than 38 million subscribers and 6,500 million videos viewed in the last year.

Growth of the licensing area

This has also been a magnificent year in the area of ​​licenses with the incorporation of new partners, as in the case of Spain – Clementoni or Troya, among others-; in Brazil, where the Brazilian giant Grendene, KN Artes, Grao de Gente and Monte Libano stand out. Rainbow Group, for its part, has also become Pocoyo’s new agent for Italy and Krik Tunes, in Argentina. PPM Toys, Chenson, Dan Dee International, Nûby, Aquaclyva or the company TexHausen (Hilasal) are also new partners of the company in Mexico.

Likewise, Zinkia has not missed the big international meetings of the entertainment industry, such as the Kidscreen Summit, Licensing Expo Las Vegas, Brand Licensing Europe (BLE) or MIPJunior.

Apart from the success of Pocoyo, Zinkia’s activity in 2022 has also been marked by other milestones such as the launch of “Muchoyo“. This new content created by Zinkia champions the movement ‘The Children Revolution’ to inform about the problems that affect millions of children around the world, demand the fulfillment of their rights and mobilize funds for projects for the protection and participation of children.

Awards and honours

And we close the year with the satisfaction that our work is recognized by the sector. A few weeks ago, we received the award for Best Children’s Program at the 2022 Iris Awards from the Academy of Television and Audiovisual Arts and Sciences. With Muchoyó, we won the last edition of the El Chupete Festival, receiving the “Grand Prize for Best Idea” and the awards for “Best Branded Content” and “Best Music”. “Pocoyó Colores Mágicos”, one of Bandai’s star toys, has triumphed at the “Toys Awards“, promoted by Ser Padres magazine. And internationally, the fourth season of Pocoyo has been distinguished at the Produ 2022 awards, as Best Children’s Animation/Live Action Program. And the episode “Isla Dragón”, co-produced by Turismo de Gran Canaria, and the first time that Pocoyo is combined with a live image, has been shortlisted for the 2023 Kidscreen Awards.

In 2023 we have many reasons to continue working and with renewed illusions. From Zinkia we wish you a Merry Christmas! and we take the opportunity to thank you for joining us. Happy Holidays!

“Pato bailón”: the star toy for this Christmas

Pocoyo’s Christmas toy campaign arrives this year with important innovations that reinforce our line of products aimed at preschool audiences. Toys, always fun, but with great didactic and educational components, a very important factor in the child’s growth, and which are the hallmark of the series. In addition, thanks to the recent agreements signed by Zinkia with its licensees, this Christmas the number of references of Pocoyo products is growing:

Bandai, one of Pocoyo’s unconditional toy makers, will continue betting on the property and it does so with a great release: “Pato Bailon”, the first Pato Plush. After the latest successes of Pocoyo Magic Colors, and Pocoyo’s Racing Car, we present this hilarious novelty for the little ones along with its offer of special stuffed animals. “Pato Bailon” reaches the younger segments and consolidates the current range of Pocoyo products distributed by Bandai, which continues to reap excellent results since its relaunch in 2020.

Clementoni also returns to the Pocoyo family with a wide assortment of new Puzzles. Claudio Reig has a wide range of musical toys for the delight of our mini-musicians, and Comansi offers a complete range of figures of the series’ characters. And all this without mentioning the offer of clothing and accessories available exclusively at El Corte Inglés to dress the little ones in clothes with their favorite character. The new Pocoyo children’s fragrances, exclusive to Natuaromatic, are also available in perfume shops and in different points of sale, while Royal Talens and CyP introduced all kinds of writing, drawing and art supplies.

“Pocoyó Colores Mágicos” win at the “Toy Awards”

The first edition of the “Toys Awards”, promoted by Ser Padres Magazine, has chosen “Pocoyo Colores Mágicos” as “Best toy that develops emotions”. These awards choose the best proposals among the latest developments on the market.

“Pocoyó Colores Mágicos” is one of the main references in the range of Pocoyo products distributed by the toy company Bandai, a Zinkia licensee. In 2021 it was one of the 30 best-selling preschool toys of the year and now it receives this distinction from a jury made up of experts in pediatrics, psychology and communication.

This award reinforces Zinkia’s purpose of investing in content and products with a high educational component so that the little ones can discover the world of emotions, train motor skills or promote extremely important values ​​such as sociability and friendship.

Pocoyo named Best Children’s Program at the Television Academy Awards

The series Pocoyo has won the award for Best Children’s Program at the Iris Awards 2022 of the Television and Audiovisual Science and Arts Academy. These awards, which recognise the most outstanding professionals and programs in Spanish TV, were announced yesterday during the annual gala, which had over 800 attendees.

Nominated alongside other productions like “Croco Doc,” “Mironins” and “Momonsters,” Pocoyo was finally chosen by the jury, which recognised its long trajectory on channels like RTVE, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hopster and Rakuten.

Pocoyo’s catalogue comprises four seasons, the short “Pocoyó y el Circo Espacial” (Pocoyo and the Space Circus), over 80 songs and music videos, and other special content, including the episode “Dragon Island”, a coproduction with the Tourism Agency of Gran Canaria, in which Pocoyo left his white universe for the first time, in order to visit that Canary Island.

This award is the latest among the 40 national and international prizes that Pocoyo has received, including the Cristal at Annecy International Animation Film Festival and the BAFTA of the British Academy, both for the Best Animation Series, as well as three Pulcinella awards at the Italian Cartoons on The Bay Festival.

“Out of all the distinctions we have received throughout Pocoyo’s 20 years, the Iris Award is one of the most valued because it represents a recognition by academics of the role Pocoyo has played in Spanish television, and perhaps it brings us a little bit closer to the country’s popular culture, highlighting what Spain creates, produces and exports,” explained Victor M. López, General Manager of Zinkia.

In addition, Alberto Delgado, CEO of Zinkia, added that “this award proves that Pocoyo is still one of the leading international brands in children’s animation, while also confirming Zinkia’s capacity as a producer for this and other series we are working on, including ‘Yanco, Dina y los Dinosaurios,’ ‘Bumpy: The Bear,’ ‘Ghost Bros’ and ‘Bugsted.’”

Produ 2022 Award for the fourth season of Pocoyo

On the other hand, Pocoyo has triumphed this month outside of Spain. The Produ 2022 Awards, which are celebrating their sixth edition, have distinguished the fourth season of Pocoyo as Best Children’s Animation/Live Action Program in Mexico.

Zinkia has new licensees in Mexico


The list of Mexican Pocoyo licensees continues to expand. Together with its agent in this territory, La Panadería, Zinkia has closed an agreement with Nûby, a brand dedicated to the baby care industry, which includes an extensive list of products based on Pocoyo, mainly baby bottles, cups and children’s tableware.

Another of the new additions in this field is Aquaclyva, a Mexican company with more than 30 years of experience dedicated to the purification and bottling of water. The alliance with this company marks the market launch of 250, 600 and 900 ml Pocoyo water bottles.

The company TexHausen (Hilasal) has also become a new Zinkia licensee for the sale of Pocoyo towels.

All of them join other partners already present in Mexico such as Bestway (activity books and gift bags), Indelpa (products focused on hygiene, health and wellness: wipes and diapers), 4E (personal hygiene, shampoo, etc), Chenson (back to school products), PPM Toys (construction toys) or Dan Dee International (character plush toys and accessories).

Pocoyo’s Halloween Special

Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays for children and a real event in many countries. For this reason, at Zinkia we have made different proposals in which there will be no shortage of pumpkins, ghosts, vampires…, so that the little ones can have a great time with Pocoyo and his friends.

  • YouTube special. As on other occasions, we have launched new content on YouTube to celebrate this date in both Spanish and English.

Among them, the special “Day of the Dead”, with more than 121 minutes that includes chapters such as “Elly’s Auntie Fanty”, “The terrifying spectacle of Pocoyo and Nina” or a “Very Martian Halloween”.

EN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Pn6LW774EI


The little ones will also be able to enjoy the Halloween Special, with more than 121 minutes of fun and 20 episodes such as “The Halloween Elf Mask”, “The Mystery of the Monster”, “Halloween Disco” or “Halloween Stories”, among others.


  • Pocoyo Halloween app. We also have the Pocoyo Halloween App available on the App Store and Google Play so that children can enjoy the Halloween party with Pocoyo and his friends with games and songs themed around the celebration.

An application that, in addition to guaranteeing fun, helps the development and eye-hand coordination of children, improves concentration and excersizes fine motor skills, while stimulating them with its colorful images and sounds. This children’s game is also available in Spanish, English and Portuguese, making it ideal for learning different languages.

Muchoyó: success in social networks and among teenagers

The animated character, Muchoyó, leader of the social movement in favor of children, The Children’s Revolution, already has more than 8 million views and 600,000 reactions on his social networks in his first month. On Tik Tok, the figure has been especially significant with more than 1,400 ticktoker videos featuring Muchoyó’s song and 23 million video views with the hashtag #Muchoyó.

These results make Muchoyó the most popular animated social leader among Generation Z, a very important group for the six global organizations that help children united in The Children’s Revolution (SOS Children’s Villages, Educo, Plan International, Save the Children, UNICEF Spain and World Vision) and for Zinkia, which creatively signs this project.

Since its inception, Muchoyó has aimed to raise the voice of children and adolescents, in addition to raising awareness in society about the importance of fulfilling the fundamental rights of children. He does it through his own video clip, with a claiming and groundbreaking language, and a black and white aesthetic. The piece begins a fictional journey through a world dominated by injustice and lack of rights, in which serious problems such as child labor, sexual violence or armed conflicts are drawn. And discrimination through reading of his manifesto.

Muchoyó is wearing a T-shirt that reads “I AM A LOT”, a play on words with his name with which he claims to adults that his height and age are no reason not to take him into account and respect him. The movement puts up for sale a collection of t-shirts, in children’s and adult sizes, to raise funds for child care projects of the six global organizations of The Children’s Revolution. Muchoyó’s t-shirt costs 20 euros and is available at Correos Market and at all Correos offices, which have supported this initiative since its launch.

Funds will also be mobilized through the music of Muchoyó, the anthem of the movement that is available on all music platforms, and that exceeds 100,000 listeners on Spotify. The song has been composed by the young rapper from Alicante, Nuria García, a.k.a. NG, in collaboration with SFDK, one of the most influential hip hop bands of the last 25 years in our country.