Pocoyo reinforces its presence in Mexico with three new licenses

Zinkia continues to grow and expand in the Latin American continent, one of its main markets along with the US. After reinforcing its presence in Ecuador, Peru or Brazil, it now joins its list of Mexican licensees, hand in hand with its agent in this territory, La Panadería.

As main news, Zinkia has recently reached an agreement with three new licensees (PPM Toys, Chenson, Dan Dee International). PPM Toys, is a company specialized in the commercialization, distribution and development of toys, electronic entertainment and back to school, with more than 35 years of experience. The agreement reached also includes an extensive list of products based on Pocoyo, fundamentally building blocks and sets.

Chenson, another of the new Mexican licensees specializing in the marketing of licenses and brands, is adding Pocoyo back-to-school material to its list of products, among which we can find pencil cases, lunch bags, backpacks with or without wheels , etc.

Dan Dee International, focused on the commercialization of plush toys, accessories and decorative items also joins the current list of Zinkia licensees. All of them join other partners already present in Mexico such as Bestway (activity and story books), Indelpa (products focused on hygiene, health and wellness: wipes and diapers) and 4E (personal hygiene, shampoo, etc).

Pocoyo, in the great children’s festivals

In addition to being a benchmark in the world of animation, Pocoyo is a true star on the music scene. For this reason, we will attend “My first festival”, a great musical event that, for the first time, will be held in Spain, on June 11 and 12, at the Wanda Metropolitano (Madrid), at the height of the great events of the musical calendar . Pocoyo joins a roster of great “international stars”, and together with his friends Elly and Pato he will perform his most famous songs. Attendees will also be able to access other activities around the central court such as face painting, trampolines, themed tents or various restoration proposals.

“My first festival” was inaugurated in 2007 in Portugal and has chosen Spain as the first international destination to continue expanding throughout Europe.

“Panda Festival”, in Portugal

Another of the great events in which Pocoyo will participate this season will be in Portugal on June 25 and 26 in Maia (Porto) and on July 1, 2 and 3 in Oeiras (Lisbon).

These events, the largest children’s festivals held in Spain and Portugal, will have a 20-meter main stage plus side areas, inflatables, a DJ tent, welcome areas, traveling characters and many other activities.

“Pocoyó Piano for Kids”, a new app for learning music

Pocoyo renews its offer of apps with new applications in the main download stores such as the App Store and Google Play, with the aim of offering new experiences to our little ones, improving the interaction and functionalities of the different proposals, without forgetting security and the privacy of the contents.

Among the latest developments, the incorporation of Pocoyo Piano for Kids stands out, a new application that allows learning sounds and musical instruments from childhood. For the little ones, music is an excellent tool and an essential element in development and learning. It allows to develop and improve visual memory and a greater capacity of attention.

Pocoyo Piano for Kids has four game modes available.

  •  Musical Instruments Set. The little ones will find several instruments; a virtual children’s piano, a xylophone, a trumpet and an electric guitar, with which they can interact and hear how the musical notes sound on these instruments.
  • Classics game. Led by the Pocoyo Symphony Orchestra with their friends, the little ones will be able to listen to and get closer to the masterpieces of classical music, such as Vivaldi’s “La Primavera” or Beethoven’s “Para Elisa”, and meet the great classical composers.
  • Puzzles and puzzle game with the characters of the series as protagonists and that, when successfully solved, will sound to the rhythm of the melody of the series.
  • Set of Stickers. The sticker games could not be missing, which children like so much.

With this new app, the little ones will learn to recognize geometric shapes, visual attention and memory. They will learn to relax and have positive emotions and to stimulate their imagination and creativity. Sensory stimulation with classical music in children and babies has also been shown to be beneficial in enhancing language skills.

Pocoyo with the children of Ukraine

War conflicts always have devastating consequences for the population and, especially, for the youngest children, who cannot understand what is happening. In these situations, fun and play are an opportunity to escape from this harsh reality.

For this reason, Zinkia has joined an initiative promoted by the children’s content app Hopster that will offer several Pocoyo titles free of charge for six months to families with children in Ukraine and neighboring countries (Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova).


Zinkia joins forces with Future Today to continue growing with Pocoyo

Pocoyo’s presence continues to grow in North America. Among the latest news, we have the agreement reached by Zinkia with Future Today, a leading family content distribution company that operates with the main streaming platforms, such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Comcast Xfinity, etc.; as well as for web, mobile devices and VOD platforms.

The alliance between both companies includes the launch of “Pocoyo World” through Roku for the United States and Canada. The channel offers 182 episodes starring the character, who celebrates his 20th anniversary this year, including music video clips.

Latin America and the United States are currently the most important markets for Zinkia and this agreement reinforces the presence that Pocoyó already had on other platforms, consolidating itself as one of the most promising brands on the continent.

New Pocoyo’s licenses in Brazil

Pocoyo continues to expand its list of licensees in Latin America. After reinforcing our presence last year in countries such as Peru and Ecuador, Brazil has just signed a new license agreement with Lotus Marketing Global, its agent in this territory.

In this sense, Zinkia has reached an agreement with KN Artes, a firm specializing in decoration products for children’s parties; and with Grao de Gente, focused on decorating rooms and rooms for children and babies and other accessories and children’s clothing.

Zinkia once again reinforces its licensing strategy in this country, where it already has important partners such as Cardoso, a leading toy licensee in Brazil. Within the framework of the Brazilian toy fair, Abrin Fair, Cardoso presented their new line of stuffed animals and an original ride-on. Cardoso has launched new Pocoyo products, which reinforce the line of musical instruments (guitar, stool, drum) that it was already marketing; along with vinyl figures of all the characters in different sizes, stackable and nestable figures.

Zinkia has also been present in this territory for a long time through Green, another important licensee focused on oral hygiene products.

Pocoyo, one more year ambassador of the “Earth Hour”

One more year, Pocoyo has become the “Children’s World Ambassador of Earth Hour 2022, the largest global movement in favor of the conservation of our planet created and championed by WWF, which was celebrated last Saturday, March 26, from 8:30 p.m. to  9:30 p.m.

In this edition, which celebrated its 16th international edition (14th Spanish edition), WWF asked all citizens, organizations, companies and sports clubs to register and join the #KMPorElPlaneta (Kilometers for the Planet) challenge.

The challenge invited you to go around the planet to promote sport and its values, whether walking, running or doing any other physical activity until you virtually add up to the 40,000 kilometers that make up the perimeter of the Earth. A challenge that has been well exceeded, just a few days before celebrating “Earth Hour”, with well over 200,000 kilometers registered,  more than five times around the planet.

Likewise, between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., WWF invited everyone, as every year, to turn off the lights during Earth Hour, a symbolic and decisive gesture that becomes a global demonstration in favor of the preservation of the planet.

Move around the planet with the videos and songs of Pocoyo!

As the children’s ambassador for “Earth Hour”, Pocoyo has also wanted to join the challenge to “Go Around the Planet”. The objective is to teach the little ones that there are many ways to take care of our future and the future of the planet through new videos, songs and an activity book, among other educational tools, which help raise awareness from infancy to race against climate emergencies. Among the videos and songs available on YouTube, in addition to the specific content on this year’s #LaVueltaAlPlaneta and a 124-minute special entitled Muévete por el planeta, different topics are also addressed, such as trash recycling, the importance of preserving the fauna and wildlife through bees and the need to care for and save the oceans.

In addition, the Pocoyo website collects different and fun crafts (a bird feeder, a paper telescope, a plastic planter or musical instruments made from recycled materials), puzzles and a special activity book in Spanish and English, with stimulation and perception games to find the differences, labyrinths and other games, so that the little ones acquire sustainable habits for their daily lives that contribute to reducing C02 emissions.

Earth Hour was born in Sydney, Australia, 16 years ago and is already the largest global citizen’s mobilization to show their commitment and leadership against climate change and in favor of environmental protection.

Pocoyo Puzzles, the app that stimulates kids’ learning

Together with traditional jigsaw-type puzzles, which are always an excellent ally to promote development in children, this is an educational app that perfectly combines all the features that capture the attention of children, combining games, entertainment, fun and learning in an effective and age-appropriate way.

A good example is the Pocoyo Puzzles App, a free educational app available on Google Play and the App Store, designed for the youngest, which helps improve concentration, attention and, fundamentally, the ability to associate. In turn, it stimulates imagination and creativity, reading, calculation and psychomotricity.

A new educational and free app that  unites a great variety of puzzles, more than 30 different ones, for preschool children from 2 to 5 years old. Each puzzle has an animation and a voiceover that explains what is happening when it is solved. With this application the little ones will have fun while theyl improve their oral comprehension.

The interactive nature of the app stands out, as well as the quality of the graphics, with a great explosion of color, and an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. With it, preschool children will be able to develop their skills in a fun way, while enjoying the endearing Pocoyo and his friends Pato, Elly, Loula, Pajaroto and other characters, who have managed to captivate millions of children around the world.

Clementoni and Troya, new Pocoyo licensees in Spain

The list of licensees who bet on the Pocoyo brand is growing in Spain. A good example of this is Clementoni, a benchmark company in Europe in the educational games and puzzles market. After closing an agreement with Zinkia, it will market different models of puzzles inspired by the character and his friends in the coming months.

Another of the recent alliances is the one reached with Troya, a Barcelona firm specializing in promotional gifts, which has become the new licensee of the “Pocoyó” brand for the marketing of household products. Specifically, Troya will distribute the new Pocoyo tableware, which will be available both at Pocoyo’s Amazon Brand Store and on the website www.maxifiestas.com.

With these new agreements, Zinkia reinforces its licensing strategy in Spain and Clementoni and Troya join other great companies that have also opted for Pocoyó, including Bandai, El Corte Inglés, Claudio Reig, Editorial Planeta, Comansi, Natuaromatic , Royal Talens, CyP, Hoffmann, Gary’s Uniforms and For my Cake.

The latest episodes of Pocoyo are now available on Rai Yoyo

The latest episodes of Pocoyo are part of the programming of the children’s channel, Rai Yoyo since last January, following the agreement reached between the Italian public television RAI and Zinkia, producer of the popular series.

The network acquired the latest installment of the fourth season of this production and has also renewed the broadcasting rights for the third season. In addition, RAI has committed to strengthen its content offering around the brand with the purchase of 20 music video clips.

Aimed at audiences aged between 4 and 7, Rai Yoyo is part of the Italian public entity RAI and is the leading Italian TV Channel for children. Its free-to-air programming is available on digital terrestrial television, on the satellite TV platform Tivùsat and in streaming on RAI’s official website.

“Rai Yoyo is a key partner in relaunching Pocoyo in Italy, where we have been present since 2010. We are convinced that this collaboration will have a positive contribution to the brand’s development in the country, which is one of Zinkia’s strategic growth areas for 2021,” explained Victor M. López, General Manager of Zinkia.