Pocoyo: the success of a brand, an icon of Spanish design

Pocoyo in its 20 years of history is one of the headline drawings for children around the world and continues to conquer audiences on different platforms. Two decades in which it has established itself as one of the children’s brands with the greatest worldwide projection, managing to be present on five continents through free-to-air television channels, cable television, VOD platforms and its OTT in the United States. It is also one of the most prominent children’s content on YouTube with more than 40 million subscribers and the protagonist of several ‘apps’ with which it has already exceeded more than 100 million downloads. And under this license, millions of toys, books, textiles and numerous other products have been sold.

20 years of experience in which children of different generations have discovered the world and it has also earned recognition from professionals with dozens of awards from the animation industry.

A resounding success made possible thanks to the creative talent behind the brand and Zinkia, its production company, which has managed to position Pocoyo among its most outstanding credits. The project created at the beginning by David Cantolla, Luis Gallego (3D technician) and the creative Guillermo García Carsi, has been joined along the way by other professionals such as Oscar García, Víctor López -first and current general director of Zinkia-, or Dani Heredero (sound) and a host of other experts. They have all made Pocoyo, each one in their area, an icon of Spanish design (according to Brandemia experts) and a ‘global’ brand project that has known how to evolve, change and adapt, as Brandemia points out. And it is that the story of Pocoyo is a story indisputably linked to design, which has evolved over time. The world of Pocoyo and its 3D stage, with its white frames and plain-white background, has become a benchmark in Spanish animation.

Without a defined strategy at the beginning, its international success has been the result of the enthusiasm and dedication of a young team, committed and passionate about this profession. Everything is taken care of in detail, the narrative, the music or the characters, which over the years have been incorporating changes in the design (gone are the memories of the first Bible of Pocoyo with a pacifier or Elly with fangs and hooves). The same has happened with its logo, which has gone from black and white, to green, or to color in its maximum expression, and now, when Pocoyo’s 20th Anniversary is celebrated, with its characters hinted at in the new celebratory logo. And it is that twenty years go a long, long way.