New Top Leadership, New Zikia

Zinkia has a new Management Team lead by the President, Miguel Valladares

The Company just started a fresh period full of projects ran by the new Top Leadership.

The new Team is primary represented by Miguel Valladares as the President and Alberto Delgado as the CEO. Both feel very optimistic about Zinkia’s future.

The Company is facing a new favorable chapter of different projects that will come to light soon. The release of Pocoyo’s season 4 in November would be an example of it.

Zinkia is already taking actions based on a global plan with the aim of putting the Company and its main product, Pocoyo, to the place where it belongs internationally.

Kids in Spain love watching Pocoyo on Clan TV

Pocoyo is on air everyday on Clan TV

Clan TV, The National Spanish channel for Kids, is broadcasting Pocoyo series Monday to Friday, at 9:30 a.m. During the weekend, the episodes are being on air at 8:30 a.m.

Clan TV is of the favorites channels for toddlers in Spain and Pocoyo has been for a long a time a very special piece of the Spanish Broadcaster.

Children in Spain are currently enjoying back to school with its favorites Pocoyo’s characters on Clan TV. The Channel and Zinkia usually celebrate big events together. An example of it, would be the emission of the Pocoyo Games during the Olympics this summer.

The Broadcaster bet on Pocoyo in other different scenarios as well. From Clan TV website, kids can watch online episodes and play with Pocoyo’s games.

In addition, Clan TV is on tour in Spain celebrating a festival with the presence of Pocoyo and all of his friends.

Getting ready for Pocoyo Series 4!

Pocoyo’s new season will come to light in November

We’re happy to announce that everyone is going to enjoy Pocoyo’s new season really soon!banner_t4

Pocoyo season 4 will be launched on YouTube where people around the world will have the chance of watching it at the same time. Every month a new episode will be on air!

This season comes with a lot of new features that will make the experience of watching Pocoyo, even better.

Pocoyo will get into a world of new adventures and learning with his buddies, always loyal to his values of learning through laughter.

We will enjoy a season full of surprises with a very special new character: a girl who will become a very important piece of Pocoyo’s team.

Zinkia is very excited to face this new project and all of his possibilities. The Company is getting ready for the launching day with remarkable actions and special events. The countdown has begun!

Pocoyo’s 11th Anniversary!

Pocoyo will be celebrating his 11th birthday with the big ‘7117’ party

Pocoyo’s birthday is getting close! He will turn 11 on January 7, 2017 and we are preparing a big party to celebrate it!cumple

His 11th anniversary happen to be a very special date: 7-1-17, as we like to call it ‘7117’. This unique event will take place right after Epiphany day and we hope a lot of kids can join the celebration.

To get warmed up before the day, Zinkia is organizing  a lot of activities, games, contests and much more surprises.

Pocoyo will be surrounded by his fans and loyal followers to have one of the most epic birthdays ever. It will be a day to remember, for sure!