YouTube Kids arrives in Spain with Pocoyo

Pocoyo was one of the protagonists of the YouTube Kids party in Madrid

A few days ago, the App YouTube Kids was introduced in Spain with an exclusive event for parents, kids and Social Media Influencers.

1Pocoyo, who is already a star on YouTube,with more than views, had a very important role in the event. Children were able to have fun, dance and take photos with him.  Besides that, there were a lot of activities to do: Robotic workshop, experiments and Pocoyo Arts & Crafts!

The goal of the event was to present YouTube Kids to parents and explain to them the App’s features: Parental Control, timer, voice browser and an interactive design totally adapted to Children.

2A lot of public figures attended the party, as for example; Tony Aguilar, a famous Radio Announcer, or Joaquín Reyes, a spanish comedian. Both had a fantastic time with Pocoyo while they shared pictures with him on Social Media.

Kids and parents had a great time. The event closed with a funny concert of the Billy Boom Band and every kid went home with a Comansi Pocoyo figurine, as a present.

Getting ready for Pocoyo Series 4!

Pocoyo’s new season will come to light in November

We’re happy to announce that everyone is going to enjoy Pocoyo’s new season really soon!banner_t4

Pocoyo season 4 will be launched on YouTube where people around the world will have the chance of watching it at the same time. Every month a new episode will be on air!

This season comes with a lot of new features that will make the experience of watching Pocoyo, even better.

Pocoyo will get into a world of new adventures and learning with his buddies, always loyal to his values of learning through laughter.

We will enjoy a season full of surprises with a very special new character: a girl who will become a very important piece of Pocoyo’s team.

Zinkia is very excited to face this new project and all of his possibilities. The Company is getting ready for the launching day with remarkable actions and special events. The countdown has begun!