Pocoyo and UNICEF, for the rights of the most vulnerable children

We have started a new and exciting project together with UNICEF and Pocoyo, which will allow us to undertake actions focused on disseminating and promoting the programs UNICEF undertakes in support of children. Therefore, we join UNICEF’s fight to save and protect the most vulnerable children around the world. Through this alliance, Pocoyo, as an example of fun and learning for many parents, confirms his commitment to children.

From Zinkia we will develop special initiatives in which we will invite our subscribers and friends to collaborate with UNICEF in order to protect and guarantee the rights of children. To do this, we will carry out actions aimed at raising awareness about the importance of defending and fulfilling children’s rights and growing up in safe environments through the generation of digital educational content.

For Gustavo Suárez Pertierra, president of UNICEF Spain, “This agreement will allow UNICEF to continue transforming realities in all corners of the world and enhance the value of schools as places of learning, respect and tolerance; in a particularly complex context for children due to to the consequences and the uncertainty that COVID-19 generates in children and families around the world; with millions of them still unable to return to the classroom. ”  He also affirms that he is very satisfied that a character like Pocoyo, through Zinkia, joins his mission to save, protect and promote the most vulnerable children.

“We are very grateful for the trust that UNICEF Spain has placed in Pocoyo, and we are proud to start a collaboration with an organization that we admire so much for its humanitarian work and its tireless work to defend the most vulnerable children,” says Víctor M López, General Manager of Zinkia.

Pocoyo and UNICEF together for ‘Back to school’

The collaboration begins with a first action to celebrate the return to school through a didactic song that, under the title “The Coolest Class”, represents the spirit of Pocoyo and UNICEF and narrates the first day of classes of Yanko the Yeti, one of the latest characters to join the series.

With this first action, UNICEF and Zinkia intend to emphasize the value of classrooms as places to learn, share and have fun. Also as safe and inclusive environments, free from violence and abuse, in which children can grow and develop their full potential, an aspect that is especially relevant for children at the current time of intensification of conflicts and emergency situations.