Zinkia wishes you Happy Holidays and a prosperous new year 2023!

There are only a few days left to end the year and it is difficult, in just a few lines, to summarize 2022 at Zinkia without forgetting anything. The start of the celebration of Pocoyo’s 20th anniversary has made 2022 special and we hope that 2023 will be even better. They have been months dedicated to the creation of new content with an eye toward the beginning of the fifth season. It will include important news and new characters and its production will begin in 2023.

And within the framework of our anniversary, one of the first actions has been the incorporation of the figures of Pocoyo, Elly and Pato as new stars of the Madrid Wax Museum. To accommodate Pocoyo and his inseparable companions, the Museum has designed the new “Imagine Room”, which will be dedicated to children.

2022 has also been the first year of the great family that we have formed after integrating the production company KOYI, advancing in the development of the new properties that make up our catalog. This is the case of ‘Yanco, Dina and the Dinosaurs’, Zinkia’s first original project in the past 15 years. This production is joined by ‘Bumpy’, a series made in the traditional animation style and which is also scheduled to begin production in 2023; along with the productions ‘Ghost Bros’, which we will present in the next edition of Kidscreen, and ‘Bugsted’.

Pocoyo is on more and more screens

And all this is happening while Pocoyo continues its success and expansion through free-to-air television channels, cable television, VOD platforms and its OTT in the United States. Growth is reinforced by the signing of large alliances with HBO Max and Cartoon Network, Disney+ and  Netflix, among many others. And with the incorporation of new platforms such as Tivify or Future Today, a family content distribution company that operates with the main streaming platforms, such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV.

In parallel, Pocoyo remains one of the great references for children’s content on YouTube, where it has more than 38 million subscribers and 6,500 million videos viewed in the last year.

Growth of the licensing area

This has also been a magnificent year in the area of ​​licenses with the incorporation of new partners, as in the case of Spain – Clementoni or Troya, among others-; in Brazil, where the Brazilian giant Grendene, KN Artes, Grao de Gente and Monte Libano stand out. Rainbow Group, for its part, has also become Pocoyo’s new agent for Italy and Krik Tunes, in Argentina. PPM Toys, Chenson, Dan Dee International, Nûby, Aquaclyva or the company TexHausen (Hilasal) are also new partners of the company in Mexico.

Likewise, Zinkia has not missed the big international meetings of the entertainment industry, such as the Kidscreen Summit, Licensing Expo Las Vegas, Brand Licensing Europe (BLE) or MIPJunior.

Apart from the success of Pocoyo, Zinkia’s activity in 2022 has also been marked by other milestones such as the launch of “Muchoyo“. This new content created by Zinkia champions the movement ‘The Children Revolution’ to inform about the problems that affect millions of children around the world, demand the fulfillment of their rights and mobilize funds for projects for the protection and participation of children.

Awards and honours

And we close the year with the satisfaction that our work is recognized by the sector. A few weeks ago, we received the award for Best Children’s Program at the 2022 Iris Awards from the Academy of Television and Audiovisual Arts and Sciences. With Muchoyó, we won the last edition of the El Chupete Festival, receiving the “Grand Prize for Best Idea” and the awards for “Best Branded Content” and “Best Music”. “Pocoyó Colores Mágicos”, one of Bandai’s star toys, has triumphed at the “Toys Awards“, promoted by Ser Padres magazine. And internationally, the fourth season of Pocoyo has been distinguished at the Produ 2022 awards, as Best Children’s Animation/Live Action Program. And the episode “Isla Dragón”, co-produced by Turismo de Gran Canaria, and the first time that Pocoyo is combined with a live image, has been shortlisted for the 2023 Kidscreen Awards.

In 2023 we have many reasons to continue working and with renewed illusions. From Zinkia we wish you a Merry Christmas! and we take the opportunity to thank you for joining us. Happy Holidays!