How to foster child development with the use of apps

The expert Zinkia edutainment team identifies the cognitive capabilities that children can improve through the use of applications.

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Enemies or allies? There’s no doubt that mobile applications used correctly can stimulate child development. During the holidays, they are a good alternative foment some of the skills and abilities that are key in childrens  growth milestones.

The expert team at Zinkias edutainment department, has identified key childrens  capabilities that we can improve with the use of specific apps for kids.

  1. To improve REASONING and LOGIC, applications based on association games that differentiate shapes and colors and memory games are recommended… With Pocoyo Shapes children can learn about shapes and properties of geometric figures, while Pocoyo Puzzles improves the capacity of association through solving more than 30 different puzzles.
  2. CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION are stimulated with games of expression that allow children to invent, imagine or create personalized situations. Through Pocoyo Colors,  children can color in their favorite characters, learn to identify tones and drawing and create their own designs from a blank canvas.
  3. The development of GROSS MOTOR SKILLS and the ability to move the body harmoniously are favored with games that invite children to coordinate their movements. Pocoyo Disco offers a wide variety of animated videos and fun songs to dance and sing along with.
  4. The skill of developing FINE MOTOR SKILLS is one of the abilities that is more frequently fostered by with the use of apps. The app Pocoyo Alphabet ABC is a good example.  Children can use their fingers to draw all the letters of the alphabet following a dotted line.
  5. SOCIABILITY is reinforced through imitation activities, team games and those that promote collaboration. In children can participate in games, activities and live a thousand adventures in a world designed just for them.
  6. EMOTION and the expression of feelings can also be encouraged through apps. Pocoyo has the ability to provoke a strong emotional connection with children. With the Talking Pocoyo app, the character becomes a virtual friend with whom children interact: they can play with him, tickle him etc…
  7. CALCULUS concepts can be established from very early ages through applications that promote literacy and the assimilation of concepts such as defining quantities or the grouping of objects. Pocoyo numbers is an app designed to learn numbers and start counting while having fun. With Pocoyo and the subtraction Game, children can have fun with their favorite characters while practicing simple math subtractions.
  8. Last but not least, LANGUAGE and ORAL COMPREHENSION are united in vocabulary games and pictograms. With Pocoyo First Words children can learn the names of animals, everyday objects, meals, etc., while drawing the letters of the words.

All of these applications are targeted to children from 2 to 5-years old and can be downloaded for free in Google Play and App Stores.